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Stop Waiting on Weight… 5 Tips

Wellness is not about deprivation or willpower. It’s about Wellpower.
People choose wellness for a variety of different reasons. Maybe they’re sick, on several medications with more side-effects than they bargained for, or maybe they’re tired of feeling powerless and want more energy, or maybe they have children that are suffering from obesity and diabetes from eating the standard American diet and want to make lasting changes. Whatever the reason, the good news is, they’ve made a decision to take that first step toward change. When you’ve made the decision, then there’s no stopping you!
2-The next step is incorporating mindfulness. The body and mind work together. Learn from your journey and be inspired by it to take a different path. Release the past. Look at past hurts and times you’ve spent with self sabotaging habits. For instance: How many times have you used the yea but, I’m ugly, or can’t word? Work on evicting the Negative Nellies in your head.
3-The third step is tune in and turn on to delicious whole foods made with yummy ingredients and scrumptious spices. When you eat whole foods_ you make food your friend. Nourish your body instead of depriving it. This one step alone can guide you to turn off the ‘toxic taste bud syndrome’ in your head. Instead of feeling you can’t pass up the addictive processed foods when you do your weekly shopping, your brain will let you in on a little secret. And that is, with your new lifestyle, highly processed foods don’t serve you anymore. You no longer crave them. You no longer like how they make you feel.
4-The fourth step is check into ways to destress your stress.  This step is all about self-care. Pay attention to the cues the body gives us. Are you sitting at the desk too long, have pain, and need some kind of movement on a regular basis?
5-The fifth step is to question toxic exposures that cause hormonal imbalances and digestive issues that can keep you sick, tired, fat and depressed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a health coach.
Without these steps any attempt at a new path can rewind itself to the old way of thinking. 
It may be time to design your life with style… that’s why it’s called lifestyle. Health and wellness are all about how you design your lifestyle!

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The number one resolution in the world today is weight loss. But what road do you have to take to make it a reality? Weight loss is not just about calories, it’s about toxic exposures, beliefs, stress levels, sleep habits and so much more.  Learn how your brain and gut work together.(30 slide ppt presentation)

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